Red Cedar Run Nature Preserve

This 12-acre piece was purchased in December 2021 and is located at Nicholson and Chase Lake Roads in Conway Township. This is a bird haven due to the diversity of the native shrub thickets that exist – Grey and Red-osier Dogwood, Elderberry, High Bush Cranberry, Maple leaved Viburnum, Nannyberry, and Prickly Ash, to name a few. A historic drain runs through the landscape, originally developed in the late 1800s to help water flow from the agricultural lands to the north. Our goal is to work with the Livingston County Drain Commission to possibly remove its channel-like straightness and implement a more curved shape along with better functioning and wildlife friendly wetlands. It will still carry the same amount of water to the Red Cedar River but, hopefully, in a more filtered, landscape friendly manner. It will take lots of planning and funding but is definitely a very worthy goal.

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